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I was at Melaka the other day, guess who I bumped into on Jonker? Ronnie Liu. (Remember? the DAP drink water guy)

He smiled at me, I smiled at him. (He wouldn’t have thought I was from Klang as well la. As a matter of fact, we met in the lounge of a Golf Club when I was the member & he was the VIP just few months before) This tells you, the elections are coming. Road shows are going on around the country. Pakatan & BN.

Back to the main topic. We all need a change. We can’t teach an old dog new tricks, so why not change the dog breeds for a while. Get some fresh ideas, new people & solid personalities.

We live in an age where when our smartphones die, we can’t function normally for a day. But people governing us are giving us old ideas, old policies. They can’t seem to agree on what baby boomers, generation X and generation Y wants. Collective ideas are never there.

Why ban concerts & books? The TV & Internet are harmful enough. People’s words are harmful enough.

Why halve a toll in Kajang where hardly people use it? Why not halve the Batu Tiga & Bukit Raja Federal Highway tolls where millions of people use it?

Why do we need an AP to import a car? (According to “Thing in Common” by Syed Akbar Ali, “AP is a Useless Piece of paper which do not add any value to the car or to the people”)

Why is our car import duty so high? Mind you Malaysian pay the most for their cars compared to all other nations in the world due to tax, albeit we have relatively cheap petrol. Car owners should know that almost an additional 38% in tax are paid compared those at duty free in Pulau Langkawi. I mean we all need taxes but 38% is just too high. That means a RM 60,000 car in Langkawi cost RM 85,000 in the peninsula (Vios). Extra RM 25,000 paid. RM 25,000! I can go to London twice if I book early, watch the Olympics & travel on budget with that money.

Why do we always give face to Singapore? Our sand in Johor is slowly selling bits by bits, whether legally or illegally, so that Singapore can reclaim from the sea. So theoretically Singapore is “part” Malaysian. Johor sells water at a cheaper rate to Singapore, than to Melaka, how ironic right. Why give our airspace in Johor for their airforce to practice while Singapore can’t foot half the supposedly now cancelled “crooked” bridge? That is pure taking advantage. (Doctor in the house, Tun Dr. Mahathir, MPH Publishers) Because we lag behind them in world economy that’s why.

Doesn’t matter if you support whoever, but make your voice heard if you are dissatisfied with all these issues. Get a government leader brave enough to challenge nations that bully us or take advantage of us. Friendship goes two ways.

So do the right thing, register to vote!

~signing off


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