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2 million milestone !

2 million views!



viewed all over the world!

Hope to spread my music to people of all ages & everyone all over the world!


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Charlie. For 16 & half years he was with me.haha. I still remember getting him from my uncle’s friend when i was merely 7 years old.

We played all through primary school, secondary school, university. He even waited for me until i came back from Japan. I’m so glad i personally saw him go, with me around him.

Remembering when he was a puppy, he used to steal my shoes & hid with it under the car. Then i would crawl under to retrieve it while he comes licking my face.haha. I used to remember sharing half my Fillet O’Fish always when i buy them. Peel longan to eat together. Play catch. Play fetch. Take walks. Sing!

Do you know Charlie can sing too? For those of you who have known Charlie, what an amazing feat right. He howls while i play the piano. Just two days ago i was playing the guitar with him sitting around me.haha.

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. How true the saying is.

11th of July, yesterday evening, was the day i had to make a decision, to put him to sleep. Dinner was served. I found him not moving but only a little from the head and a lot of eye contact. He was trying to tell me something. I called him to come out from his cage but his couldn’t move. Then i saw his eyes twitching. Heavy breathing.

I knew in my heart at that moment that this would be the last time i see my old friend at home. I called his doctor & lucky they agreed to wait for me to come as it was nearly 8pm. Blood test were run, steroids injected, and meds to reduce his heart contraction were given. Condition was still very bad.

I held him for almost an hour, and decided, it would be better to send him to sleep. Deep down I known Charlie was telling me, don’t worry i’ll still be with you in your dreams. Tears of joy was all i had when i held him and the doctor slowly infused the powerful sedative. We looked at each other till he closed his eyes. He went peacefully with me around him, and I’m happy he has finally moved on.

I wanna thank the lord for giving me such a good friend throughout my childhood. No words could describe how he was meant to me. He had served this family well. Loyal and forever guarding the house, and always taking care of his younger brother, Tommy. (my Labrador). Tommy misses his brother already and has been finding him all over the house. He knows it already i guess.

Charlie will be forever remembered. Thank you boy.

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White wine or rather, Vin Blanc in French, is one of my favourite beverage. I just finished two glasses of the Chardonnay variety and thus lead to me writing.

I am not a meat loving person but rather i like foods from the sea. And white wine goes well down the back of your throat with the aroma it brings with it after seafood. I’ve never been a fan of red wine. Maybe because it’s too thick or red or common or the texture.

The aroma is probably what brings me to love white wine. Strong smell of citrus yet pleasant. Of the six/seven varieties, I personally like Sauvignon Blanc white wines, gives the “dry” taste after sipping. Although Chardonnay are the common ones sold.

One more good point about wines compared to spirits (i.e. brandy, another personal favourite) is that you can still maintain composure and know what you are doing after drinking.

White wine goes well with the ladies as well.

**holding a glass of white wine now

(Raise glass) Thus i wanna conclude that White Wine is the drink that cures my insomnia tonight. =)

~~signing off

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