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Main agenda for a citizen: Jobs, Equality, No Corruption, Freedom of Press & Rule of Law.

When all these are intact, the people will generally be grateful and vote the correct party/candidate for their respective locations. Any party as long as they can perform, they have the mandate.

Now, we see that Najib is struggling to win back the people’s confidence for the BN government. I am politically neutral. I look at my constituency candidates quality there and then, not famous profiles. I mean, our PM is doing all this for the benefit of our country. Lets face the fact, being a PM is no easy task. And why would he wanna harm his own country? He can just retire off and spend his fortunes. He could even have avoided politics in the first place and live life to the full, being the son of a former PM.

Well, back to my main point, Politics from a Citizen point of view. As a citizen, I think that the PM is a great guy but with a wrong group of lousy generals. It is like continuing chess game from another player (Badawi) who had left it for you abruptly and left you with a bad hand.

Before Malaysia reaches to the stage like Thailand, where Red Shirts/Yellow Shirts/Pheu Thai/ Democrats and all that colour politics, we have to think how the citizens think. Not how politicians think. Majority citizens don’t care which political party you are. We care for job availability. Buying safe goods. Equality. NO corruption. Safety. Good economy. Education. Health access.

If you can’t provide these but other countries with similar economic status can, wave bye bye to your votes. I mean, what’s the harm in changing government? If you under perform, let other people have a chance.

Why stop Bersih rally? It’s for free elections! It’s not seditious? It’s not religious? It’s not even about overthrowing the government. See, when you catch people who are exercising their rights the RAKYAT is watching.

The RAKYAT hold the biggest power in putting the fire out in you guys. You can do all you want now, but wait till elections, you guys shall bite the dust.

You had your heyday. But that has been long gone.We want fresh faces. New ideas. Old guys to move their arses out. OMG just look at our pathetic minister line up. It’s like a musical chair game. Recycle here, recycle there.

Just look at the pathetic Gerakan Party. Their president smiling away and would even go to other party’s AGM but not attend their own problems, lucky that didn’t happen. Their party lost EVERYTHING in Penang. Still their president went through the back door to get a minister position but not to strengthen his party grassroots.

Lucky MIC is gaining a little momentum. Lucky Mr. Samy Vellu left. OMG, people hated him so much, yet he smiles in front of the camera and says the “people love me”.

Lets not even start with MCA. Tainted president, members in-fighting, name calling, fractions, grasshoppers, scandals, uneducated leaders.

PPP? OMG. That Kayveas is still there. When i was in primary school he was there. When i was in secondary school he was there. When i’m in university he’s still there.

Our ministers are really odd. Their occupation don’t fit to their portfolios.

Just look at our tourism minister, a doctor in tourism? OMG, she seems to fly more than the DPM. I see her face more than i see the DPM’s face in the newspaper.

Sigh, politics is like a diaper. The more you change the better. The longer you keep it, the dirtier it gets.

Anyway, i’m tired of ranting already. Just my 2 cents opinion.

~~signing off.



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Just came back from Pangkor and before that Taman Negara.

I wanna talk about how to get to the moon. Literally.

This is because I had made a deal.

Now, the options i have:

1. $100 Million, per person, under Space Adventures as a space tourist based in Arlington USA.

2. Join NASA, Russian Version of NASA, or China Version of NASA.

3. Be good friends with Richard Brandson.

4. Befriend a rocket scientist and make him build a space shuttle for me.

5. Go to the beach, look at the moon and BRING SOME WINE.

No.5 sure looks like a great option.

~~signing off

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