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Wuuuuu… it’s a one way ticket to the blues~~~~~~~~

Don’t you hate it when you treat friends like royalty but get treated like a peasant instead?

Don’t you hate it when friends got no time for you but you must have time for friends?

Don’t you hate it when friends open their arms only when they get something?

Don’t you hate it when the only time friends have time for you is the time when they are in a bad mood?

Don’t you hate it when you know you cannot fuck that friend up?

Should stop wasting my time.

As Neil Armstrong once said:

I believe that every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste any of mine running around doing exercises.

~~signing off


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From lipsticks to fake eye-lashes to hair sprays. Why do women make up?

Imagine doing this every morning. Clean your face, apply concealer, lay the foundation, colour your eye brows, apply eye-liner, apply mascara, apply blush and FINALLY apply the lipstick. And this is just the basic steps.

Why go for all the trouble when what ALL men really want is for you to take it all off???

It is actually not for men to see. It’s for their own SPECIES! Women wear make up to show to other women how good they look like. No woman wants to look like a plain laywoman when their friend who is also another plain laywoman looks like a queen.

I don’t even feel like shaving daily. Put on shaving cream, clean the razor and shave. Three simple steps only and i have already find it tiring. Make up? I would die……lol, I can’t even wake up in time to beat the traffic let alone wake up 2 hours ahead to look like a peacock.

So the competition is basically amongst women themselves. Make up needs skill and practice.

The problem is, after you get married, you would not have make up on at night do ya?

So that is why they say…. the real nightmare comes only after marriage.

~~signing off

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Touch of heart!

WoW! It has been a few weeks uh!

First things first, i organised with MUPhaS to an orphanage last week. This is an all girls orphanage btw. Don’t you see how a small act of just visiting them and playing games with them makes them happy??? We had sought some sponsors and brought some good to their homes, giving them daily supplies.

Now, going on to give back to the society means improving you karma. Honestly. You wouldn’t want to die in hell later. It’s doesn’t neccessarily have to be for humans. You can give back to animals as well.

Next, I wanna talk about a region in a part of the world. The Middle East. Our Middle Eastern brother have FINALLY come to their senses that THEY the civillians are the superior ones. NOT the government. After being led by the nose with a string for so long. 20 years, 32 years, 40 years….. omg, where is the democracy? Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia…etc. They actually have two sides. The good people are led by the nose by government officials. The religious fanatics are led by the horns by Al Qaeda.

It seems kinda strange isn’t it? Which boils back down to Malaysia. Why have the Malaysians be told what they can or cannot do by the government? Of course if it’s illegal then it’s wrong… but we’re talking about education. Food. Religion. Books. Do you think our education system is good? The govenrment sure think it is. Do you think our food is safe? The government says it is. Do you think that what book we read is also a matter of concern to the government? The government is GOOD. But the people running them are BAD.

Why is it that when you open tap water from Japan (or many other countries fyi), water can be directly drank but you can’t in Malaysia? -It’s not rocket science technology that Japan has and Malaysia doesn’t. Japan has pipes. Malaysia has none? Japan has pumps. Malaysia got no pumps? Japan has water. Malaysia got quadruple the amount. But why can’t we have clean water to drink? Rather why can’t we have CLEAR looking water rather than brown….?

Why is it that every (developed) country has bullet trains. We don’t have. Every country has subways. We don’t have. Every country has equal opportunities. We don’t have. Healtcare system….lets not even talk about that. Quality control. Malaysia has one of the worst in all the countries i have been. Fake eggs??????? WTF? Yes, it was made in China but how on earth did it get to our shores??? Again, we go back to our custom officers and ill mindset civillians.

Is our country THAT poor? We have multi-national corporates around the world. We have giant airliners. We have petroleum. We have skilled work force.

It’s back to the management. Why we got no clean drinking water? Because the pipes are rusty on the way to our homes. Why is it not changed? Was it because someone said it changed the pipes they but did not? Work a penny, charge a dollar. Sounds familiar?

I hope as a first step towars change, the Sarawakians know what to do for their coming state elections. You can’t win them, but at least deny the two thirds majority.

Like i said, the policies are good, but the people running them are lousy.

A total revamp is needed.


~~signing off

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